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Hair Loss

Over 6 million men in the UK are affected by hair loss.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male Pattern Baldness

Losing hair early in life, 20s and 30s, is generally caused by a genetic predisposition - or family history. This genetic trait makes the hair follicles extra sensitive to the male hormone "Testosterone" - and causes them to produce thinner, lighter hair - or for them to stop growing all together. Losing hair later on in life, in your 40s - 60s, is also mediated by this hormone, but can be made worse by other factors - such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease or autoimmune problems.


Fortunately there are treatments available to halt the progression of hair loss, and often reverse the symptoms.

These two treatments are:

  • Regaine (Minoxidil) - shampoo -- BUY NOW - Consultation with doctor not required
  • or Propecia 1mg (Finasteride) - tablets -- START with doctor.

PROPECIA 1MG X 28 (1 MONTH £ 49.99)
PROPECIA 1MG X 56 (2 MONTH £ 95.99)
PROPECIA 1MG X 84 (3 MONTH £ 135.99)

Both treatments block the effects of Testosterone in the hair follicles - either by disabling it, or by reducing the production of testosterone. Propecia is the most commonly prescribed treatment and some of the results can be viewed by watching the video below.It is a tablet that you take every day, which blocks the bad effects of testosterone on your hair follicles, gradually allowing your hair to regrow over 6 - 18 months. It can also be taken to prevent hair loss.